Stuart and the Ave song meaning

Most people believe that in this song the narrator is talking about someone he used to like but then realized that he overestimated his affection. However, the lyrics show that the narrator is more than just disappointed with his mistake - he is obviously mad at the situation and his partner. "I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid enough to stay with you" - this person probably betrayed him or hurt him in some way, so now he's frustrated about the outcome of the relationship, "destiny is dead". The narrator also associates this person with an unsuccessful period in his life - "you're a blur of my dead past and rotting existence". He doesn't want to see them anymore, he's tearing a picture of them to pieces and states that the current situation is going nowhere - "before it might have made some sense, but now it's all fucked up". He's ready for a serious change.

"Stuart and the ave" is a real location in Berkley, CA - the intersection of Stuart Street and Telegraph Avenue.

Stuart and the Ave lyrics

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