Brain Stew song meaning

It's been said that "Insomniac" is a nickname Armstrong got when his first son was born since he couldn't sleep with the child crying throughout the night. And Brain Stew might have been inspired by one of those night.

The narrator is describing his thoughts and feelings as he's unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep. His mouth and eyes are dry and he's almost going crazy from being awake for too long. He's already passed "the point of delirium" when you are still awake but your mind is barely registering what's happening, and now he's "fucked up and spun out" in his room, trying to find a way to finally fall asleep. It's late and he realizes that the night will soon be over and the longer he stays awake, the less sleep he will get ("the clock is laughing in my face"). A combination of physical and mental exhaustion sets his mind on overdrive turning his brain into a stew.

Supposedly, "Brain Stew" is also a nickname of James Washburn, a long-time friend of the band.

Brain Stew lyrics

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