J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) song meaning

This song was inspired by the death of James Andrew Relva, Mike Dirnt's close friend who died in a car crash ("He was going 95, I think he committed suicide." - Dirnt)

In the song, the narrator is talking about his friend who is now gone and about what it makes him feel. He's saying that this death made him face the fact that he's mortal and his life could end any second. The narrator is saying that he's living life just like his friend did, but now his friend is gone and maybe he didn't give all that he could, but it's too late now. And so he starts to wonder whether it's time to make a plan for life so he can do as much as he can while he still has a chance, "can't run around in circles if you wanna build a life". Yet, he thinks it's too early to make plans for the rest of his life because he wants to make the best of his youth and have fun for as long as he can.

The song appears on the Angus Soundtrack (1995).

J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) lyrics

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