2000 Light Years Away song meaning

This is a song about missing someone you love, thinking about them all the time and dreaming of being next to them again.

The song was inspired by Armstrong's relationship with Adrienne Nesser, his future wife, who at that time lived in Minnesota, while he lived in California. Obviously, being so far away from her made him miss her a lot, and 2,000 Light Years Away is one of the songs that he wrote to express his feelings towards her. The number 2,000 is probably based on the actual distance between the lovers (it's also mentioned in another song about Armstrong's wife - Westbound Sign: "is tragedy 2,000 miles away?") - the actual location between their hometowns is a lot less than 2,000 miles*, but the author roughly approximated the distance because obviously, when you are apart from someone you love, it seems like they are worlds away, even if it's just a few hundred miles.

The song also appears on The Jerky Boys Soundtrack(1995).

*The distance between Minneapolis, MN and Berkeley, CA is 1575 miles (2535 km).

2000 Light Years Away lyrics

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