Android song meaning

In this song the narrator is wondering what will happen to him when he grows older. He starts off with thinking about an old man he saw - he sees that his man didn't succeed in life and realizes that this can happen to anyone. He wonders what this man was dreaming of when he was younger. Everyone has dreams of a great future, but it doesn't mean those dreams will come true - in fact, you might end up "wearing woman's shoes and being crazy" like this old man.

And so the narrator starts going deeper into his thoughts of what will happen to him when he grows older, and whether he will grow old at all. He thinks he's wasting too much time on things that won't get him anywhere and it scares him because he realizes how quickly the time will pass. He knows that time goes by fast and the more time you lose the fewer chances you have to succeed in life - "it's crazy".

The title of the song might be referring to the narrator's opinion that we often live life without thinking about our future, we "hide away from hopes behind a smile and smoking dope" - we act like we are not human, but only resemble humans, while inside we are a lot more like robots that have no real plans or ambitions, and hence no future.

Android lyrics

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