One of My Lies song meaning

Like many other songs on this album, One of My Lies is about the doubts and realizations associated with growing up. The narrator admits that he used to have naive self-centered views on life, he thought that he was the most important thing in the world and his life was priceless. But now he's realizing that he's just as small as everyone else and has the same flaws and doubts - he's not special, and now he's woken up to understand it. In his rage caused by these realizations, he's stating that no one else is special either - we're all small and disposable, and no one knows the answers to his questions.

All these realizations lead the narrator to another serious question, and that is whether there is a God, whether there is someone or something that actually knows the answers to eternal questions. Like so many others he was praying at night, because he'd been told that this was the right thing to do. Now he's reached the time when he starts questioning whether he believes in that himself - so far he has no answers. And he's wondering if he's just been lying to himself all along.

One of My Lies lyrics

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