No One Knows song meaning

The narrator in this song expresses his fear of growing up and turning into someone who has to plan out everything they do. He sees that his friends are aging and realizes that this will inevitably happen to him too. He doesn't express a certain opinion - he simply looks at both sides of the problem and tries to figure out what to do. He's saying that he doesn't want to live a planned out life, but wants to stay spontaneous and have fun for as long as he can. Yet, he's saying that sometimes he unintentionally hurts people with who he is, and that makes him wonder whether he should somehow change, have a plan for life, grow up. He's wondering whether what he's doing with his life is right.

This kind of insecurity could be caused not only by facing the inevitability of entering the adult life, but also by doubts about one's carrier or love life. At some point in life most people wonder whether they should change their course in life - whether they should still reach out for their dreams or settle with a steady job, whether they should have a steady partner or search around for new relationships and experiences. Whatever the inspiration was for this song, the author didn't find the answer to his questions - after analyzing all of his doubts and feelings, the only conclusion he could come up with was "I don't know".

No One Knows lyrics

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