80 song meaning

Even though there is a theory that the song is about an 80-ounce bottle of beer, it is most definitely about Adrienne. The most interesting thing in this song is the change in the description of love. Love songs that appear on 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours express insecurity and doubt about the author's feelings. Will she like me or will she reject me? Is this right or wrong? Maybe I should give this up…In 80, Armstrong once again describes the craziness that takes over your mind when you fall in love, but this time he doesn't hesitate or doubt the feeling, and the earlier "I find it hard to be myself" from The Judge's Daughter now changes to "I must admit that I enjoy myself".

Like one famous quote says, "It's not you I love, I love who I become when I'm with you" (or something like that). Not all of us find our other half right away. We often fall in love with wrong people and have to wait for the real thing to come. And the greatest blessing of finding your other half is that when you do meet this person - everything falls into place; they drive you insane, but at the same time they make you accept yourself because you feel needed and loved. The only time when 1 and 1 make 1. To a certain extent the analysis of this song might be biased since we all know how things worked out between Armstrong and Nesser. Yet, 'liking self' is one of the most important signs of true love - and that's the feeling that this song is filled with.

80 lyrics

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