The Armstrong Family Tree

Billie Joe has been able to accomplish amazing things throughout his musical career. Obviously, you need support and motivation to reach the heights of rock stardom like Billie has, and his family has given him that encouragement. From way back when he was a kid being given his first guitar, to now when he is prompted to follow and defend his beliefs, Billie truely has a family he can be very proud of.

Adrienne and Children

While touring with Green Day in 1990, Billie made perhaps his most important tour stop. While playing in Minnesota to a small crowd, one girl happened to stand out a bit more than the others to Billie. They continued to communicate with each other over the phone, but their long distance relationship began to fizzle out. They both began to see other people and Adrienne even became engaged to Billy Bisson, however the two were never married.

Both of these new relationships didn't hold the chemistry that Billie and Adrienne had together. After several Minnesota tours later, Billie asked Adrienne to move to California with him, the inspiration behind the song westbound sign. Shorly after that, they put together a very rushed wedding that was planned in only two weeks. The day after Adrienne and Billie were married, they discovered she was pregnant. Not long after on February 28, 1995, Joseph Marcicano Armstrong was born. They also had one more child together named Jakob Danger, who's middle name is an interesting Austin Powers reference. He was born on September 12, 1998. This fantastic four have been seen together from time to time. Whether it be enjoying themselves at the Kids Choice Awards, vacationing in Hawaii, or working hard with habitat for humanity they function quite well together.

Like any marriage the two have had their ups and downs inspirsing songs like Church on Sunday and and Redundant. Adrienne is actively involved in the record lable her and Billie co-own, Adeline, as well as the fashion line accompanying it. She has always had an interest in fashion, starting when she was 17 and working at a used clothing store in Minneapolis.

Adrienne may not have near as many tattoos as Billie Joe, but hers are of course, worth mentioning. On her right arm you will find Billie Joe’s name in a beautiful black writing surrounded by a design of vines. Opposite of that tattoo on her left arm is a brightly colored vibrant flower covering up an old tattoo she had before that was rumored to say "billy" in some funky writing. She also has a tattoo on her right leg. It's an anklet wrapping around her leg with a flower and vine design on the side.

Steve Nesser

Billie’s brother in law Steve is a professional skateboarder. The company he skates for, Birdhouse, was founded by iconic skaters Tony Hawk and Per Welinder. The company released a film in 1998 titled The End not featuring Steve, however they are currently filming one now called the Beginning. Sometime in December 2003 or January 2004, Steve moved from Minneapolis to Oakland, California.

Parents and Siblings

Billie’s parents were very musical people, which obviously had an impact on his life. His mother, Ollie Armstrong, was born in Oklahoma and had 12 sibilings. She wouldn’t move to California until later in her life. She could play the piano and enjoyed country music. Prior to her marriage to Billie’s father, Andrew Marciano Armstrong, she had one child (Alan). Alan having a different father didn’t affect his relationship with his other siblings, and they insist that no one refer to him as a “half-brother”. She divored in her early 20s. Ollie spent a lot of her time working as a waistress, a profession that she still continues with today. She also worked as a gas station attendant during the 1950s.

Ollie met Andy at a Slim Slaughter show they both attended in Albany at the melody club. Andy had a love for jazz music, and was a drummer in a jazz band. He was also an ex-golden glove boxer and a truck driver for safeway. They had 6 children that they raised together;Anna, Hollie, Marci, David, Alan and Billie Joe. Ollie was a very defensive mother. Her daughter Marci recalls a softball game where she had a confrontation with some adult present. She remebers that her mom “tore out there onto the field and got right in her face. It was one of those moments you realize how much your mom cares about you."
Sadly, on September 15th, 1982, Andy passed away from cancer. Billie’s mom does say that things were hard after Andy’s death. However she says that, “All these stories about (Billie) coming from a dysfunctional family, that he was from a broken home.” are exaggerated.” How do you stop someone from dying?”

Obviously, you can’t, and they handled it in the best way that they could. Ollie started working a lot more; she still had 4 children still living at home who needed her to be “the family rock”. She got a second job, and unfortunately had to be home less and less. The older children had to take on new responsibilities to cope.

Now, all of their children are grown and out of the house. Currently, Ollie has 24 grandchildren. Ollie says that she likes to organize family dinners on Tuesdays, and she can sometimes be cooking for over 20 people. Through ups and downs they’re sticking together like glue; and it doesn’t appear that bond will be changing anytime soon.

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