Tattoos of a Talented Drummer

Tre Cool may not have quite as many tattoos as his fellow band mates, so that just makes the few he does have even cooler. Inspired by the East Bay and…Mike, his collection of tattoos is wicked awesome.

Right Arm

Like all members of Green Day, Tré also has an East Bay Punk Mafia tattoo. His tattoo consists of a black and white picture of a TV being thrown through a window. Above that you will find the letters "EBPM". However, it is also rumored that EBPM stands for East Bay Pop Mafia, and is a twist on the Twin City Pop Mafia which was formed by the band Dillenger Four.

Left Arm

On Tré's left arm you will find another tattoo in almost the same spot as the one on his right arm. This particular tattoo shows a little girl standing up and holding a red heart-shaped balloon.


The artist of Tré’s tattoos talked about above is known as Banksy. Banksy resides in Bristol, however his artwork is appearing all over the world. He was at first a freehand graffiti artist but eventually became very interested in stencilling. His artwork typically has a political tone to it and he is known for not wanting the fame that certain artists crave. He has published a few art books including Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall, Existencilis, and Cut it Out. Some of his greatest works of art are featured on the Israel/Palestine wall.You can learn more about him on his official site .

Right Leg

On Tré’s right leg you can also see another tattoo. It looks like an…. intricate design wrapping around his lower leg forming an anklet.

The Mystery Tattoo...

Tre Cool has the tendency to say odd things out of the blue, but one I find very interesting is this: "I only have one (tattoo) of Mike. It's on my ass: his name on a heart with an arrow through it." So there you have it, before Tré had his other 3 tattoo's, Mike's name was conveniently located on his ass. No one is actually sure this tattoo even exists, but knowing Tré, I would say it is definitely possible.

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