What's It Like Riding with Boys?

Many of you have heard of the movie, Riding in Cars with Boys, starring Drew Barrymore, but have you heard of Riding in Vans with Boys? This rock documentary tells the tail of 4 awesome bands and their journey on the Pop Disaster Tour.

Billie JoeThe Main focus of the DVD is on Kut U Up, an underground band. The band was friends of Blink 182 and were asked to tour with them along with Green Day and Jimmy Eat World. Throughout the DVD you are taken into the backseat of Kut U Up's van and shown what touring is all about. You also get your fix of Green Day action that all you fans love so much. It's full of extremely cool concert footage and some backstage access as well.

Riding in Vans With Boys may not be centered on Green Day, but there are plenty of comical events they took part in. For example, if you have ever wanted to see what it's like to brand another human, this is the movie for you. Evidently, Billie Joe was just a little bit too bored and got some mischievous ideas from a pool cue. The end result was a nasty mark left on Chris Cote's ass. Riding in Vans With Boys is a magnet for hysterical scenes like that. It’s full of chandelier swinging, cake smashing, alcohol induced madness!

This 85 minute movie summarizes the whole tour. It shows how Kut U Up played the outside stage, some of the Pop Disaster Green Day Stage antics, and a song by Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World. This outstanding movie was directed by Matthew Beauchesne, but a lot of it was recorded by the band members of Kut U Up with cameras they had in their van.

To promote Riding in Vans With Boys, MTV had a special program, much like the one they had for Green Day's more recent movie; Bullet in a Bible. It showed comical clips from the movie and even had some of Kut U Up's songs playing in the background.

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