The Compositions of Mr. Cool

Tré Cool is a lyrical mastermind with a style of his own. Mr. Cool can be quoted as saying “I like Fisher Price music, nursery rhymes, and the Alphabet song”, but I wouldn’t recommend playing any of his creations in the presence of small children, we wouldn’t want to mentally damage them.

One of the first songs Tré exposed us to was Dominated Love Slave. This little ditty can be found on Kerplunk, and he has also played it live on DC101 Radio.

I want to be your dominated love slave,
I want to be the one who takes the pain.
You can spank me when I do not behave,
Mack me in the forehead with a chain.

This song raves about the wonderful uses of whips and chains, and the desire (most likely Tré’s…) to be taken advantage of. The mock-country vibe only adds to the amusing theme of the song, complete with plenty of background yells and sounds.

I want you to slap me and call me naughty,
Put a belt sander against my skin.
I want to feel pain all over my body,
Can't wait to be punished  for my sins.

Is it humanly possible to not love this song?

Another one of Tré’s melodic melodies, completed with all his kinkiness, is Like a Rat Does Cheese. Lyrics like “suck my dick until your lips fall off” or “put my nuts in your mouth just like you was a squirrel” make the song's meaning fairly self-explanatory. TreExactly what inspired Tré to write this song is unknown, but I think the details are better left unexplained. Tré also performed this song on DC101 radio along with Dominated Love Slave. This song has the twangy guitar and is probably the most explicit country song ever written.

Green Day may have had a much larger fan base on the jump from Kerplunk to Dookie, but Tré still had his knack for writing hysterical songs. All by Myself is a hidden track after the song F.O.D. If you wait until about the 4-minute mark, you will get a little surprise. All by Myself is an ode to the fun, yet somewhat disgusting, things you can do when you’re all alone. It's almost like a short story, explaining the journey of a person venturing to someone’s house, and then into their room to find themselves all alone, showing how deep the thoughts racing through Tré’s mind are. Then again, he did record it at a party where he was stoned out of his mind and had drunk to much, so it could just be the product of his drunken state. Whichever it may be, this song rocks.

In 2003 Billie Joe earned himself a DUI, and inspiration struck Tré in a rather comical way. D.U.I. is a catchy little song that showcases all the fun things you can accomplish while driving drunk: running over elderly people, vomiting out the windows, and my personal favorite, doing tequila slammers on the dashboard. This song can be found on the unmastered version of Shenanigans.

Along with writing about Billie Joe, Tré enjoys writing about his mother as well. Performed in 1993, Billie Joe's Mom takes dirty to a whole new level. This song is dedicated to Ollie Armstrong, and talks about her amazing acrobatic and other abilities, and Tré professes his desire to marry her. It's almost sweet.... in an extremely perverted way.

Tré enjoys writing about people's mothers evidently, yet another one of his odd traits we all love so much. Introducing his song he stated, "I uhhh... wrote this song for everybody's moms." This song's title, Food Around the Corner, is also the lyrics to the song, completed with some yodeling.

Another one of Tré's masterpieces is Boys in the Bathroom Stall. I'm not exactly sure how this song originated, but they're a few sites on the Internet where you can download it. Basically, it talks about 2 boys in a bathroom stall at "Joe's Original Restaurant", which is an actual restaurant in the California Bay Area.

On American Idiot Tré Cool is responsible for Rock 'n’ Roll Girlfriend, a section of the song Homecoming. All members contributed to this song, and Tré was no exception. This song, being pretty autobiographical, talks about his kid in New York (Ramona) and his kid in The Bay (Frankito), and other aspects of his life.

I got a Rock and Roll band,
I got a Rock and Roll life,
I got a Rock and Roll girlfriend,
And another ex-wife!

I got a Rock and Roll house,
I got a Rock and Roll car.
I play the shit out of the drums,
And I can play the guitar.

This is probably one of Tré's cleaner songs and in the lyric book it was written on a postcard addressed to the one and only, St. Jimmy.

Tré’s latest musical fusion was not actually created by him, but his rendition is quite amusing.

Roll, Roll, Roll a joint
Twist it at the end.
Light it up,
And take a puff
And pass it to your friends.

As stated before, Tré likes nursery rhymes. This song is the stoner’s version of Row Your Boat, a classical children’s song. This song is featured on Bullet in a Bible.

Based on the past of Tré's songwriting, who knows what incredibly awesome songs Tré has yet to write. As long as his inspiration comes from truly bizarre things, the future of his lyrical pieces is looking pretty good.

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