When I Come Around song meaning

In this song the narrator is telling his partner not to force it. He's talking about their relationship, pointing out that it's not always been going great and now it's at some turning point when they might actually break up. He admits that he's been indecisive and reluctant ("I'm a loser and a user"), and tells his partner that they can just go ahead and leave him ("So, go do what you like"), yet he expresses his belief that they won't find someone else just because they're too tired of waiting for him to make the decision, because "you can't go forcing something if it's just not right". The actual meaning of the song is said in the chorus - after all the irritation and sarcasm in his words about this relationship, the narrator says that no matter what they'll still be together and all his partner really needs to do is wait a little while till he comes around. "No time to search the world around" - he's right here, just not quite ready for the next step yet, but he will be.

When I Come Around lyrics

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