Poprocks and Coke song meaning

The narrator of this song is telling his friend or partner that he will be there for them no matter what, no matter where they go and what they do - he's willing to catch them when they fall. Sometimes people reject all help and want to walk a difficult road alone because they don't want to hurt people they care about, don't want to get them in trouble - but if they're lucky, there will be someone who cares about them enough to follow them and be there for them no matter how difficult the road and how far they go. A true friend will be there "not far behind", like a guardian angel.

It's difficult to say what the title of the song implies. There is a myth about a guy who consumed a bag of Pop Rocks and a six-pack of coke, and that caused his stomach to explode. However, it's hard to tell what this has to do with the meaning of the song - it might be a private joke that means something to the author and the person he had in mind when he was writing this song. Maybe that's his way of showing who the song is actually about, but so that only they know.

Poprocks and Coke lyrics

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