Macy's Day Parade song meaning

"It's sort of about the lies and deceptions that you have growing up and how you have to find your own way around." - Armstrong.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with its huge helium character balloons has been an attraction for thousands of New Yorkers every fall ever since its appearance in 1927. In the song, the Parade is symbolizing modern society's tendency to put material values over emotional ones. The song shows how we always look for bargains from the cradle to the grave, and get so consumed by materialism that we sometimes forget about the one thing that makes us human - feeling.

And then the song gradually flows into a story of growing up and realizing that you have to make difficult choices, and even though you will have to stumble over lies and disappointments you will still have to move on. And you might never get everything you want, but in the end you will see that all you really need is a little hope.

The video is quite uncomplicated and flows calmly like the song itself - the leading character simply walks through life exploring, choosing which way to go, sometimes stumbling and sometimes walking on water, or choosing to walk around it - you'll make it through everything as long as you have hope.

Macy's Day Parade lyrics

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