Deadbeat Holiday song meaning

This song is full of bitter sarcasm and yet in the end it comes down to expressing quite a sentimental point. The lyrics describe a life so miserable and unsuccessful that it's almost not worth living. Everything is going wrong - "the house is on fire, and the cat's caught in the dryer". Gradually life's going down the drain; "celebrate your own decay" - it looks like everything has fallen apart and there is no hope. So, it just might be not worth the fight and the right way out might be to end it all - "there's a vacant sign that's hanging high on the noose over your home". But even when everything seems way too messed up, and you feel like dying, all you really want to do is not give up. Even during the most difficult times you want to look at the brighter side of life and hope that a change for the better will come soon - whether it will or not.

Deadbeat Holiday lyrics

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