Misery song meaning

"Watching Disney movies will change you. A tune like Misery sounds like it could have come straight out of Aladdin." - Armstrong.

In Misery the author is proving his point by using examples - he describes several situations with different people whose actions and decisions led them to the state of misery. This is an ode to consequences that shows what can happen when you do something that you know is wrong. And when it's too late to change anything, all you can do is "get high when you're low", but this obviously won't make you happier. So, instead of regretting your mistakes and drowning your sorrow in intoxication, why not think of what you're doing before you make your mistakes? "It's not what you make, it's what you leave". Things that give you momentary satisfaction might screw you up in the long run, and that's what matters - they're not worth the misery.

Misery lyrics

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