Jackass song meaning

Jackass is about people who consider themselves unbelievably funny, while they're really the only ones who laugh at their own jokes. The narrator's tone in this song is not as much angry as just irritated. He's tired of listening to stupid jokes that are not funny, to the "one-sided conversation", to all the lies made up to impress. The calm voice in which Armstrong sings "well, everybody loves a joke, but no one likes a fool" makes the lyrics sound even more sarcastic. The Jackass is trying so hard to be the center of attention, but all they really are is a "figment of their own imagination", because all the lies they tell to make themselves look so great and special will never come true, and it's all nothing but a waste of time.

There is an opinion that the song might have been written about Blink-182. However, there is no confirmation or logical evidence to support that theory.

Jackass lyrics

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