Brat song meaning

"I wrote a song on the new album called "Brat" about waiting for your parents to die so you can get your inheritance." - Armstrong.

Obviously, the narrator of the song is a brat that's waiting for his parents to die so he gets all their money. He feels no shame about expecting his parents' death with pleasure and excitement - he's bored and all he wants is all the money he doesn't have to work for.
By playing a part of this horrible spoiled child, the author of the song is expressing his opinion about some of the people who were born with a silver spoon and never had to work for all the luxuries they get. They don't have to have a job, don't have to struggle and work day and night to pay their rent - their parents give them a free ride to a rich life. Now, of course, not all kids with rich parents end up like the narrator of Brat, but those who actually do are out there waiting with an anxious smile - "Mom and Dad don't look so hot these days, and my future's looking good".

Brat lyrics

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