No Pride song meaning

Most people believe that this song is about a pathetic person with no self-esteem. But a closer look at the lyrics shows that this is very unlikely to be true.
The song is full of anger, maybe was written as a result of some disappointing experience. It's quite political and sarcastic to a certain extent. The main message in the song is that pride, dignity, values, cultural or religious beliefs all lead to conflicts, wars and destruction, while most of those religions and cultures have already lost their ideological content and are now based on out-dated traditions and hypocrisy, and are obviously not worth dying for.

So, the narrator says that only by giving up your pride and dignity can you survive in this world where people kill each other in the name of their worthless beliefs. He says he's safe because he has no pride, he's willing to beg for something as worthless as the "lost and founds of second-hand regrets" and advises everyone else to follow his example and swallow their pride before it gets them killed.

No Pride lyrics

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