Jaded song meaning

The fiery tune of Jaded is a hyperactive continuation of the insomnia-inspired Brain Stew, like an adrenaline-driven day after a sleepless night. The pace of the song is showing the author's attitude towards the high speed of life itself and how quickly it gets to the point when there are no more opportunities and all the chances are left far behind ("The expiration date rapidly coming up"). In the lyrics of this song 2 topics are bound together: the development of one person, and that of the human race. The narrator is describing his life as a "fucked up equilibrium" with a 9-to-5 job, and always led by someone else's will. And at the same time he talks about how a lot of us seem to be stuck with something not quite worth being called a life. We seem to have evolved, and yet it got us to a point where there is no progress, and not because we've already discovered everything that could possibly be discovered, but because with everything that we have now and all the schemes, and mottos, and counseling, and modern technology, we seem to be forgetting that progress is not about going straight, it's about choosing your own way, making decisions about which way to go - moving forward. We need to think and choose how we want to live your lives, and do it fast, before it's too late.

Jaded lyrics

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