Do Da Da song meaning

This song is a part of the legend about a studio mix up that gave the name to the song Stuck with Me from Insomniac, and left Do Da Da with no title. Supposedly, the name "Stuck with Me" was given to the song by mistake - someone in the studio wrote the title on the demo, and the band then decided to keep the name since they found it fitting. Do Da Da was the original owner of that title, so the band had to think of another name for this song, and they decided to give it a meaningless title "Do Da Da".

In the song the narrator is talking about a person who is/was very devoted to him in a relationship. He realizes how much they've sacrificed to be a good friend for him and support him through the hard times. Now he's saying that by being so selfless and devoted they have drowned in the negativity of his life and now they're stuck with him and all of his issues.

Do Da Da lyrics

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