Suffocate song meaning

Obviously, the song is about an addiction and how it is destroying your life - it destroys your body, your social life and your will to live. You want to quit but then go back to it again. And you realize that one day you will suffocate from it all.

Possibly, the idea of suffocating from an alcohol addiction comes not only from the emotional desperation, but also from the fact that sometimes alcoholics actually die from "drowning" in their own vomit. They pass out and start throwing up while being unconscious and this sometimes causes asphyxiation from choking on one's own puke. Of course, this is not an everyday thing, but it does happen, and since the narrator mentions that he's "feeling like a salad in his puke", he might be referring to the possibility of physically suffocating.

To a point the song is simply about death - realizing that one day you will suffocate, that one day your addiction will kill you.

Suffocate lyrics

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