Warning song meaning

"You gotta make your own decisions and choices. It's not so much about what to think, it's just to think. Question everything." - Dirnt.

This song points out that in today's world we are surrounded by all kinds of warnings and instructions. It sometimes seems that people are considered to be completely brain-dead and unable to understand the most basic things. Warning says that one should have a mind of their own and do what they think is right and not what they are told.
However, the song is not as much about breaking rules and ignoring warnings - it's about not being stupid enough to actually need those warnings. After all, the "Don't pour water on your TV" sign did not appear by itself - there was once a person who did water their TV; as well as there was a person who decided to dry their dog in a microwave, and someone who thought it would be fun to put a chocolate bar into their VCR. We laugh at warning signs that seem to be ridiculous, but then again there is always a chance that we'll do something that will cause another stupid warning to appear. This song tells us to think, question everything, and not be stupid enough to be a reason for more absurd warning signs to be created.

Warning lyrics

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