Worry Rock song meaning

This is the album's relationship song that is much bitterer than Redundant or even Scattered. Worry Rock is full of sickening confusion between two people who love each other but doubt whether they should still be together, because all they seem to be doing is fighting and hesitating. The frustration builds up and locks them in "brick walls" and "windows made of stone" that they don't seem to be able to break. There's no closure and no final decision, "no one will take the fall". This seems to be going nowhere, "and what did you do with the directions?", but in the end, the narrator decides that it's still worth the fight. He sees that if they help each other through this, their relationship will stand the test and eventually the hard times will be over. So he offers his partner a compromise - "promise me no dead-end streets, and I'll guarantee we'll have the road".

Worry Rock lyrics

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