Jinx song meaning

In the beginning one might think the narrator of the song is apologizing to someone, but as the lyrics go on we see that it’s nothing but sarcasm. He cynically states that what he is ‘apologizing’ for is in fact an unfair accusation (“I lost before I did any wrong”), and at the same time he tells the person he’s addressing to stay away from him as he is “hexed with regrets and bad luck”, so if they stay with him they will be damned as well. The lines “you finally met your nemesis disguised as your fatal long lost love” might mean the narrator is talking to someone who used to be in love with him and had their heart broken, possibly because he never loved them back. So now he’s sarcastically telling them to inflict whatever punishment on him that they think he deserves, but in the end if they stick around they’ll be damned and cursed just like he is because they “fell for a jinx”.

Jinx lyrics

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