All the Time song meaning

This song is about different sides of addiction and the fight with it. "Salud" in this song is most likely an equivalent of "cheers", and the recurrence of this word means that the narrator is raising toasts and drinking. "All the time, a New Year's Resolution how soon that we forget," is probably referring to a New Year's Resolution to quit drinking, but like most New Year's Resolution it has been forgotten, or maybe the narrator simply gave up on that goal. He keeps putting off the time when he has to actually quit drinking and finds more reasons to take a sip - "Here's to me, let's find another reason".

But then again, the narrator realizes that sooner or later he will have to quit if he doesn't want to waste the rest of his life. "Wasting time down a bum fuck road and I don't know where the hell it'll go" - he understands that if he doesn't quit, he'll "smash straight into a wall". He's wondering where all the time went as he's scared that he's already lost way too much of it.

All the Time lyrics

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