Are We the Waiting song meaning

Are We the Waiting continues expressing the feelings that began during the hangover in Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Jesus hated his hometown and was dreaming of life in the city, of the skyscrapers and neon lights - something he considered to be the real life. But now he's finally in the City, and he doesn't fit it, doesn't belong. Is that what he was waiting for?
But it's too late now, he's made his choice and second thoughts will do nothing but cause regrets and insecurity. Jesus decides that all his Jingletown philosophy is a lie and he needs a drastic change in himself to be accepted by the City. That's when St. Jimmy comes into the scene.

The song is also believed to have certain political overtones. It is quite possible that the frustration in Are We the Waiting is related not only to Jesus' feelings, but also to the author's attitude towards the current situation in world politics. When the president started the war a lot of countries turned their backs on the US and the nation was isolated. And now second thoughts and doubts about what should have been done and what shouldn't have are not going to change anything. Now all we can do is wait and see what happens. What are we waiting for? Unknown.

Are We the Waiting lyrics

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