Letterbomb song meaning

Opinions about the meaning of this song range from a call for revolution ("Where have all the riots gone?") to the nearing end of the world ("Where will we all go when it's too late?"), and probably there is a little bit of everything in this song, going along one of the most important turns in the story of the album.

The song begins with a female voice singing the lines that will later recur: "nobody likes you, everyone left you..." This might be Whatsername pointing out Jesus' failure to have a decent social life, but it just as well might be his subconsciousness playing a cruel joke on him and making him feel worthless and insecure. Everything around him seems so fake - nothing is stable, nothing is forever. No one wants to fight for their beliefs anymore ("Where have all the riots gone? As your city's motto gets pulverized"). Jesus failed to be a rebel, his life in the city was a sand castle built on lies and pretence - and it fell apart. He didn't want to be Jesus of Suburbia, but he couldn't handle being Jimmy - and now he's neither ("You're not the Jesus of Suburbia. The St. Jimmy is a figment of your father's rage and your mother's love..."). His war with himself led to a crash of his relationship with Whatsername. His fake personality wasn't enough to keep her by his side and she leaves the City and Jesus behind. "It's not over till you're underground" she still has a chance to try and start a new life somewhere else. Which she does.

Letterbomb lyrics

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