Homecoming song meaning

"One day Mike was at the studio and he wrote a thirty-second song. I don't know, I liked it so I wanted to do one too. The one that I did, I connected to his and then Tré did one and he connected it to mine and so on and so forth until we had about ten minutes. It was just purely out of having a good time" - Armstrong.

The Death of St. Jimmy

Jesus is actually alone. Everyone left him and even his mother tells him not to call her unless to let her know he's coming back. His plan of a new life is falling apart. "What the hell's your name, what's your pleasure and what is your pain?" - he's trying to understand who he is now, confused between the 2 personalities. He's gained a lot of realizations from his city adventures, but the actual life of his new self just didn't work out the way he hoped it would. And looking at the last bits of Jimmy's philosophy JOS kills him. Jimmy's mission is over and he "blows his brains out into the bay" leaving Jesus in charge of his life again. And no one cares.

East 12th Street

Supposedly, East 12th Street is where Armstrong was filling out his papers after getting arrested for DUI. So, the line "Jesus filling out paper work now, at the facility on East 12th Street" probably means that he's either planning to do community service for whatever crime he got caught for, or he got himself a desk job, and is trying to have a "normal" life. But it all makes no sense to him, he wants to go back to his usual activities with "the underbelly", nothing works out - he just wants to be free, wants to get out of this life-like dream. Anxiety fills his mind and he realizes that everything he's doing is wrong.

Nobody Likes You

This song is a little abstract. Jesus is talking to himself, realizing he's lost so much time waiting for something to happen and now he's left with nothing. Whatsername left him, everyone left him, and he shouldn't have come here in the first place.

Rock and Roll Girlfriend

(Looked at apart from the album, this song is a short Tré Cool autobiography)

This is a postcard from Tunny, one of the members of underbelly. He describers his rock'n'roll life and says he's pretty much doing great.
Now while Tunny is living his dream, Jesus is stuck with his dead-end job, because Tunny is a true rebel like everyone else in the underbelly, while Jesus was only acting like a rebel. Therefore, his fake rebellion gets him nowhere...

We're Coming Home Again

...and he decides to go home. Jesus calms down, takes a sober look at the world and realizes that there isn't much he can do to change it, nor does he want to. Running away from his boring Jingletown life he's made full circle and is now coming back home. Home is a safety net that's always there for you if your independent life goes haywire. Jesus leaves the ruins of his life-like dream behind and goes back home.

Homecoming lyrics

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