She's a Rebel song meaning

The idea of the album cover is based on a line from this song ("she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade"). The song is an introduction of Whatsername. After the despair and loneliness in Give Me Novacaine, She's a Rebel reflects the infatuation that Jesus/Jimmy experiences when he meets Whatsername. He describes her as a rebel, vigilante, everything he's ever dreamed of. "She sings the revolution, the dawning of our lives" is obviously connected to a line in Holiday ("This is the dawning of the rest of our lives"), which shows that everything Jesus expected from his life in the City is now in front of him, reflected in his new addiction - Whatsername. She gives him hope of a life he's always wanted.

Since the album is highly political, there is an opinion that She's a Rebel is a song about America. In certain ways the country is considered to be a rebel, has always been the one able to start a revolution and bring liberty. However, as the album flows, we'll see that this rebel isn't always completely successful or happy and sometimes has to go through some hard times.

She's a Rebel lyrics

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