Whatsername song meaning

This song reflects the narrator's feelings about a long lost love, a relationship that has ended a long time ago leaving only regretful memories in his mind. He was obviously hurt by the break-up and "made a point to burn all of the photographs", however, he still remembers her face even though the name's been erased by the time that passed.

Whatsername comes as the last track on the album, but doesn't give us a clear answer about what exactly the ending of the album is. We don't know whether Jesus came back home or went to jail, or wound up somewhere else. It might be anything and the listeners can make up their own ending. But whatever happened to Jesus and however long it's been since Whatsername left him - he still remembers her, and wonders how she's been. "Forgetting you but not the time" - he's already forgotten her name, one day he will forget her face, but the memory of the past will always dwell, no matter what.

Listening to the story of Jesus' adventures in the City, we believe that Whatsername is the name of his girlfriend that he met on the streets and fell in love with. But when the story comes to its conclusion in the final song, we suddenly realize that the told story is Jesus' memories about what happened. And since it was all a long time ago, he can't remember the actual name of the girl he was in love with, and so he calls her "Whatsername", while her real name remains unknown.

Whatsername lyrics

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