Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center, September 6th, 2005

The show was AMAZING! Jimmy Eat World tore up the stage for there set. Then the pink bunny came out and suprisingly this must have been more of the American Idiot fans and stuff because no one got excited or even did the YMCA except for me and a few other people! I thought it rocked! Then moments later our fab three came out and performed American Idiot! They did Jesus of Suburbia (not in any particular order) and Holiday!

Billie Joe put on a great show getting the crowd really going! He had us all scream 'Aaaaooooo' which somehow turned into an 'Oooo aaahhhh' and you know the rest from there before you know it hes making orgasim noises and his hands are in his pants! He then screamed: "Somebody fuck me!" Totaly hott! He did some more songs like Longview where he put on his little devil horns and danced around then played songs like Hitchin' a Ride and Basket Case... He also played King for A Day and danced around in his crown while Tre wore what looked to be a Sunday Church hat! Then they played Shout where he layed on the floor and seemed to be humping it! He had people come on stage to play a chick played bass... A guy tore up the drums and the guitarist was cool but he looked to have shoved Billie Joe when he went to kiss him so I think that Billie Joe gave the girl the guitar because he was a little bit pissed.

Also he was so involved with the audience. He pulled somebody out from the upper area as she walked to the part of the stage where he was singing and he had people all over the stage! A lot of people in the pit got kicked out as usual and stuff...

Since like half the stadium was sitting down and I freaked out since some guy yelled at me to sit cause he couldn't see and I told him off cause there's no way that I was sitting at the number one rock concert in the world! When they played theire encore, no one knew what to do cause it was a SUCKY crowd and then we all started chanting 'Green Day' and they ran back on performing like Good Riddence and She, I think, I don't remember them all. But it was awesome and everyone freaked during Good Riddance...

Earlier they played Wake Me Up When September Ends and it was amazing! The lights were out and all you saw were cell phones and lighters. I got goose bumps and cried... He dedicated the song to New Orleans and it was just awesome!

He really knew how to get a crowd going! The effects were awesome. Confetti and all... And then no one sang on the way out like back in the day but I sang anyway! Green Day kicked ass altough the crowd sucked and you can be sure that I will be back to see another show! This time I'm gonna bring some people who appreciate a good show! Billie Joe, Tre and Mike were hott as hell! And I can't wait for the next one! Green Day ROCKS!!!!!

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