Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center, September 6th, 2005

We got to Philly early and drove past the Wachovia Center. I wasn't really surprised that there were people out there this early. I mean, c'mon. It's a Green Day concert. My dad didn't know what to expect of the concert, so he just bought two tickets. Me and him. Woo hoo. It was still great though. The whole ride there we had been listening to Green Day, and I was so excited I almost didn't eat anything. But no one can resist Starbucks.

So we got there, parked, and waited for a 1 hour or so like everyone else and blasted some music. I was kinda nervous..this was only my 3rd concert. After most of the parking lot was pretty packed, the doors started opening, and we ran down there and bought all this neat Green Day shit. Awesome. Then we waited in line..but it was moving pretty fast. Our seats were really damn close, and I thought they looked a little far away in the seating chart picture. Just a little heads up to people: you need a wristband to get into the GA section.

Jimmy Eat World started playing..they were all right. I knew one of their songs. Not many people were real enthusiastic about them though. We were all waiting for Green Day to show up. They only played for 35 minutes or so, then there was a really quick set change. People who knew what was coming started screaming as soon as the YMCA started up, and everyone else started as soon as the bunny came out. He chugged two beers, and everyone was shouting at him. Then he made us chant Green Day for a while and I was so fucking excited!

There was a drum roll from the speakers and Tre ran and jumped on stage. Tre Cool!!! ohmygod he is so awesome, extremely sexy, and perverted. Like, all in one. That was great. Then Billie and Mike ran on and it sounded like that Giants Stadium concert they played. The crowd was yelling that loud. Billie is so gorgeous and amazing in real life. I swear, every single one of those pictures didn't come close to how beautiful he actually was. And Mike..oh god he was wonderful. You don't really think he's hot until you see him play live in that sexy leather cut off shirt. Jason was cute too. I didn't realize how much guitar he played. I knew that he did play backup, but there was a hell of a lot of backup.

Well Billie danced around the stage, played his guitar backwards..made the crowd scream the shit outa themselves, shook his ass (which was really hot) and yelled "Philadelphia!" every chance he got. Did I mention he mooned the crowd? Hell yeah! And of course everybody loved that. You know what I'm going to say next..don't you? Weeell..during Hitchin' A Ride..hehe, I'll guess I'll tell you. He did some "Hey-o"s and started saying "I said oo" and everyone did that. Well five times after that he just started doing this really sexy moaning..and I think most of the people in the crowd didn't get it, so they were making orgasm noises too. Pretty funny. Then..I love that guy. He shoved his hand down his pants and then finally everyone got it. I was gonna get a picture..but dad had the camera and I wasn't about to ask for it. Then he screamed "Somebody fuck me!!!" and everyone would have, gladly, judging by how loud everyone screamed. A few later Billie introduced Mike as "The man who looks really good naked" and Tre as "The guy who has a juicy ass. Believe me, I've tried it" and of course no one really thought it was true unless you read those articles..which I have. That's basically an overview, but there's some more shit too.

Set List: (in not the exact order, but they did play them)

American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Are We The Waiting/St. Jimmy
Brain Stew/Jaded
Hitchin' A Ride
Basket Case
King For A Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends

Encore: (still not in the exact order)

Boulevard of Broken Dreams
We Are The Champions
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Memorable Moments:

- Mike started playing the Longview bass line and everyone went crazy
- While Billie sang Dearly Beloved he touched the fan's hands. And the music was really looked beautiful.
- Wake Me Up When September Ends - everyone held up cellphones, lighters, and matches. It looked like the fucking night sky, it was that lit up.
- Halfway through the Operation Ivy cover Knowledge Billie made a band outa some kids. The drummer did his own little solo at the end, and the guitarist and bassist (who was a girl) jumped off the drum steps at the same time. Pretty cool.
- When they started playing Holiday and Minority the crowd jumped up and down. I mean the whole fucking crowd. Even the people in the seats.
- Good Riddance was the last song, and I don't care how many times you've heard it played acoustic, but when he played electric, it sounded even more like Green Day. And Green Day confetti (not ordinary confetti, it was green, and said Green Day on some of them) shot outa the GA section. I got some :)

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