Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center, September 6th, 2005

Well, this must have been the best fucking concert. Their tour is done so kickassley, yes, I made that word up, that it leaves you speachless at the end of the show.

Wachovia is such a huge place that me and my friend walked around first until we started hearing Jimmy Eat World playing, then we went to find out seats.

Jimmy Eat World sounds so good live. Then after they played their last song, the bunny came stagering on stage holding a beer in his hands and trying to get the crowd to scream.

I really wanna know who's in that suit :) Then the bunny started pointing to the back of the stage and all the sudden the Star War theme music came on, the lights dimmed and it seemed live forever, only 'cause I was so exicted :)

Then all I saw was Billie Joe then Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool run out onto stage. Billie Joe jumped up and down and the crowd went wild.

Tre stood on the top of his drumset and Mike was just.. Being Mike. Then outblasted Billie Joe's guitar playing American Idoit.

When that song was over Billie Joe talked for a hwile. And semi went in the order of American Idoit until he broke out to do his lil... Experience. Billie Joe did his usal "Say ayee ohh" and the crowd followed.

Mike, Tre and Billie Joe all sound excellent live and it was really the best night of my life. Eventhough I'll admit I was a little dissappoited, I didn't get called on stage to play with Green Day.

Those kids were pretty lucky who got called on stage. And it was pertty funny when he called up this little boy to spray the audeince with a huge water gun hooked to a hose.

I HIGHLY recommend next Green Day show. You MUST go see it. It's a once in a life time event.

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