Carson, CA Home Depot Center, October 8th, 2005

Green Day
Jimmy Eat World
Flogging Molly

Set List: (The best I can remember :)

American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia
We Are The Waiting
St. Jimmy
All By Myself (Tre singing alone)
Hitchin' A Ride
Band Intro
King For A Day
Stand By Me
Wake Me Up When September Ends

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams*
Homecoming/The Death Of St. jimmy/East 12th Street....
Good Riddance

*After two attempts of the guitar intro to Boulevard Of Broken Dreams it was obvious that the effects pedal wasn't working right so they went right into Maria.

As usual Green Day put on a normal "Green Day" show. The drunk pink bunny comes out to chug a beer, throw stuff to the crowd, and dance around to YMCA and Blitzkrieg Bop.

Being my 5th Green Day show, you would think that seeing almost the exact same show 5 times would be dissapointing but it was exactly the opposite.

After a short intro raising the "grenade heart" flags, Billie Joe, Mike, Tre and Jason all run out to start off with American Idiot. Being the last show of this tour they threw some different songs into the set list, but still played the first 5 songs of American Idiot right from the start, (minus Boulevard Of Broken Dreams).

Holiday started with: "This song is a big Fuck You to George W. Bush, this song isn't anti - american, it's anti war".

For St. Jimmy a third guy came out to play guitar for Billie Joe while he ran all over the stage with a wireless mic. Then they went to older stuff, Mike walked to the center of the stage to play the bassline from Longview.

Then one of the best parts of this tour was Tre walking out from behind the drums all by himself in the dark to sing All By Myself. Awesome to see the looks on the faces of the parents with their 12 year olds watching Tre sing about masterbation infront of a sold out crowd.

Then they played Hitchin' a ride, and Billie Joe does his normal "Hey hey hey hey" with the crowd before the 1 2 1 2 3 4 and the stage lit up with flames all around, before a slow intro to Brainstew (playing single notes followed by crowd cheers) a great intro to the song.

The they played a song "for older Green Day fans" which was JAR (replacing 2000 Light Years Away which they played a week earlier in San Diego) then they went back and played Jaded.

Next Billie introduced all the band members introducing Tre cool as a childhood friend of Michael jackson.

Then Billie Joe said his name was George W. Bush and got met with thousands of boos and said but my friends call me asshole. While all the trumpet and sax player were out for their introductionthey followed up with the cover of Operation Ivy's Knowledge, Billie Joe started calling for Tim, asking where was Tim, being the show was in LA and the end of the tour, hopes were high that Tim Armstrong would come out, but once Billie Joe couldn't locate him he called him a flake and continued to sing the song alone (forming the band on stage with 3 kids to finish the song).

After a stage dive by the new bassist they went into Basket Case, followed right by She. After She they brought the horn section back (dressed of course as a bumble bee) and Billie Joe put on his crown and sang the song without playing guitar.

Ending King for A Day started a cover of Shout, leading right into a cover of Stand By Me, followed the intro to Letterbomb (Nobody likes you, eveyone left you, there all out without you, having fun) leading right into Wake Me Up When September Ends. After that Billie Joe said one more song and they continued to play Minority and walk off stage.

Once in the dark a sign lit up flashing GREEN and DAY starting a GREEN DAY chant, which of course brought them back out to play their encore.

Jason White started strumming the guitar riffs to Boulevard of Broken Dreams but it was scratching and fading out so after one more attempt with another failure (due to problems with their effects pedal) Tre sped things up with the drum beat to Maria.

After Maria, normally you would insert We Are The Champions, but they changed it up again and played Homecoming off of American Idiot, with the entire band (horn players and a 3rd guitarist) on stage, which was a perfect ending to the night/the tour, after the 9 min song ended everyone walked off stage as Billie Joe smashed his guitar aided by some pyrotechnic blasts he walked back on with a guitar and a mic stand to end the night with Good Riddance.

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