Carson, CA Home Depot Center, October 8th, 2005

Where do I begin?

Well, first off, the concert was the last night of the official American Idiot tour and it was kick ass hard core crazyness.

So first to play was Flogging Molly, then Jimmy Eat World, and they were pretty good, I guess, they also showed a clip of a music video from Unholy Grail, and it was scremo, (hardly music, and super retarted).

Anyway, the pink bunny came out and that was soo cool, he kept pulling out bottles of beer and chugging them and throwing stuff into the audience.

Finally Green Day came out and I knew it was gonna be great. They played these songs:

American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia
We Are The Waiting
St. Jimmy
All By Myself (Tre singing alone)
Hitchin' A Ride
(Band Intro)
King For A Day
Stand By Me
Wake Me Up When September Ends


Good Riddance

Billie Joe masturbated on stage (total turn on) and also mooned the audience. I loved it when he sang stand by me because he was on the floor, like humping it and singing and the camera was focused on his eyes, making him look totally hot.

The best part was Billie Joe's speech wich was all about not listening to authority and all that other shit that gets in the way of life, he also said his name was George Bush, but to please call him asshole.

They played for 2 hours straight and then they were through, it was sad, but the concert rocked anyway, too bad their tour's over.

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