Carson, CA Home Depot Center, October 8th, 2005

Wow. Peer, utter brilliance. From the very moment the lights went down and the music poured through the speakers, to the very ending of the encore, the show was packed with high intensity and filled with adrenaline.

There are, actually, no words capable of expressing the enjoyment I endured during this grand experience. The only thing that is for sure that I can say is...Wwow. Never before have I ever had so much fun.

It started off with "American Idiot", followed by "Jesus of Suburbia". But, if you think the punch stopped there, you're terribly mistaken. After shouting to fuck anything your boss or your teacher has to say, the band played such ballads as "Longview", "Maria", and "All By Myself".

But that would be understating all that was played. All in all, the concert was about two and a half hours straight, no breaks, nothing. Continual play.

And I must say, those two and half hours will remain clear and vivid in the back of my mind until the end of my years.

And, as ritual has it, Billie Joe "touched" himself on stage, shouting for someone to fuck him. I guess I don't even need to mention that everyone screamed at this...

But anyway, overall, the concert was excellent. It couldn't have been any better. Also, I couldn't help but notice how Billie Joe cracked up. His back facing towards the audience, he moved his tongue rapidly in and out of his mouth at Tre.

Need I say he must've seen himself on the big screen and broke out in laughter.

And to top things off, a young boy came from back-stage and began to spray the mosh-pit with a water gun. It was only until Billie shouted "Joey" that it dawned on me. It was Joseph Marciano, his son.

It was a lot of fun and I wish I could relive it and over.


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