hear me rawr.

hear me rawr.
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Hiii. name is Chelsea. I live in a little place called Osceola, Indiana. It's okay here. Nice and...field-ish....lots of farms and cows and horses and chickens. The temperature is almost always goood except it's prettty cold in winter sometimes. But of course...it's supposed to be cold in winter, unless you live in like...Florida or something. (you lucky duckys!) Anyway...my life isn't very complex. don't you sometimes feel as if you're days just repeat yourself? Pretty boring huh? yeppp.

I'm in my room most of the time just on the computer, watching tv, and listening to music. that's all that i do. Yeah, I'm verrry anti-social. And when I'm not very anti-socail i like to talk A LOT. It's like I save up all my energy to talk when I'm in my room and when I'm out....BOOM!! I end up talking fooorever about really random things while my mom is trying to watch something. Yepp! I like to annoy people. It's fun. I just love it when someone gives me the weirdest look when I act stupid and stuff. It's hillarious. But ehhhhh....sometimes it really sucks cause just cause i act stupid and at least try to lighten up the mood and make people laugh i don't get taken seriously a lot when i actually do act serious and talk about serious things like war or global warming or something. Sad I'm like....50% hyper/random and then 50% calm/quiet/serious.

My life can be a little fucked up at times. Sometimes i just wish that my parents could just understand me and sometimes i wish they were older and wiser (my mom was 16 when i was born, my dad was 21) People always just assume that younger parents are a lot better cause they're into the same things as you usually and a that but, i just wish they were older and then at least they've been around the block a lot more times if you know what I mean. a lot of times I go to my grandma for my problems. Not my parents. i feel like I get ignored a lot of the time, it's like i'm invisable. I feel that way a lot at home and at school although high school so far has been treating me pretty nice. Sometimes when i feel really lost like i'm about to burst into tears, I just wanna go to my church where it's calm and I feel 10 times better at church. My parents don't go to church so i have to go with my grandma instead.

My parents fight a lot, my mom doesn't believe that my dad loves her, yada, yada, yada. it's the same thing every single day. my parents have to fight with my brother to do his homework everynight. My brother screams, throws a big fucking fit over nothing and then says that it's not fair and that our parents treat me like an angel when Ha! they don't. This is basically th main reason why I'm in my room all the time, i don't wanna hear the three of them fight.


i'm pretty mature for my age i guess and i've had to learn things on my own. Of course the television and music helped me learn a lot and then of course there's school. I'm pretty sensitive and there have been times that I've cried all day long sometimes over nothing. I guess I have a pretty big heart. I could care less if you were, mexican, american, arabian, japanese, chinese, etc. If you were straight/bi/gay, If you were black/tan/white or anywhere between. or if you were a christian like me or catholic/jewish/atheist or whatever. that stuff just doesn't matter to me. it never did matter. as long as you're friendly/nice i'll talk to you.

i have tons of sympathy for a lot of people, many that i don't even know. i get frustrated with the world we live in all the time. Stupid wars/global warming/politics/etc. It's just sad that no one seems to care about the world or anything. They only care about themselves and could care les about the homeless or the children in different countries that have no shelter/food/clean water. Idk. It just ticks me off.


Likes:// photography.rock music.chocolate milk.old disney movies.poprocks. green day.mcr.aerosmtih.the ramones.flyleaf. evanescence. nirvana. paramore. guitars.discovery channel.discovery health.spongebob.drake and josh.icarly.culture.social studies.biology.environment.nrdc.billie joe armstrong.adrienne armstrong.movies.theatre arts.dance.chorus.gothic.punk.emo.clothes.ripped up jeans.shoes.being random.really old music.history.writing.reading.drawing.mountain dew.holloween.christmas.family get togethers.water.friends.family.tim burton.family guy.the simpsons.gerard way.frank iero.japanese stuff.youtube.livejournal.web designing.paintshop pro.bam margera.chinese food.photoshop.art.plays.nature.being lazy.church.criss angel.deviantart.geography.health.italian food.languages.make up.viva la bam.jackass.

Loathes://politics.people that think they know everything.homophobes.racism.jealousy.hate.ignorance.most science.rap music.most country music.
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