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right at the moment i will only have a few things in here and couple of videos but ill make it better when i feel like it....i guess


ok about me :
im nice and fun to hang around with
i like to skatebaord
and play guitar
i like to act stupid
im really nice
i like ot write poetry to exspress my feelings

i have a boyfriend and i love him very much (benji)
and music is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


king for a day

skateboards .....(note: not mine)


and of course my favorite shoes! ^^^

i like a lot of bands, here are some:

~30 seconds to mars~
~Avenged Sevenfold~
~Green Day~
~Iron Maiden ~
~Jimmy Eat World~
~Led Zepplin~
~Marilyn Manson~
~My Chemical Romance~
~Ozzy Osbourne~
~Patent Pending~(dont listen to them that often though)
~Sex Pistols~
~Smashing Pumpkins~
~Taking Back Sunday~
~The Used~
~and soooo many more~

Bands I've seen live:
+My Chemical Romance+
+Taking Back Sunday+
+Taste of Chaos! it was amazing!+


i have a lot of friends and i go to ...wait a minute i dont think im supposed ot say that...*sees people* hi how are names .....um......what is my name again....hmmm....
hmmm.... does anyone hear a buzzing? *hits head* oww ....ok im done with that ......no wait......I CAN SPEAK WHALE!........ok im done....sorry i had to do a dory!

im a BIT random.....

two of my fav songs:

Writing on the Walls

In Regards To Myself (weird video but its a really good song)

For my boyfriend Benji!
i love you so much and every second i'm not with you i feel like im wasting my time [unless im with my friends!] I knew you were going to be special to me from the first day i met you. babey i love you and i want to spend every day of my life with you! TOGETHER AND TO THE END!!!

ill always be there for you i will never leave you ---wake me up when september ends

i will love you always!

yea, so ive gotten kicked out of a few malls, and ive gotten banned from two. (me nad my friends anyway)
i got a tattoo, (cuz's bro did it) its a heart on fire, and its on my lower back. (it hurt like a mother fucking bitch)
i have black hair, with red streaks through it.
and ive got a lot of piercings.
im not lady-like, but i dont act like a guy, im just, well, me.
im not a bad person, but to adults im not a good person.
Teachers and parents fear/hate me
little kids and teenagers, young adults, people in 20's (you get it) love me.
im really nice, and i try not to get in fights, and when i am, i stay calm.
most of the people on here say like 'dont get on my bad side' and stuff like that.
im not saying that, i have a bad side, but its not the typical bad side.
i LOVE to party, and i usually do party a lot.
Im in my junior year, (i skipped a grade (so did Benji)), so im smart.
not all people who get drunk a lot are stupid.
if you judge me, i wont mind, ill probably ask why, and yes, its a possibility that i will agree with you at some point (whether its just agreeing, or to shut you up lmao)

just get to know me!!! Smiley

i am the minority,
and i DONT need your authority

ok im done for now but ther will be more soon!

comment if u want!


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