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Billie J. Armstrong
Billie Joe Armstrong
Luscious Oakland, CA

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Hey, what's up? Anywho you can tell I'm Billie Joe Armstrong--you probably know a lot about me, 'cause this is a Green Day fansite. Okay, some may know me, some may not, and it's cool, but I'll say a bit about myself. I was a high school drop out, I don't recommend you doing that though. I dropped out few days before my 18th birthday, so I can dedicate more time to my music and the guys. I started out in a band earlier in my days called "Sweet Children." We out grew that name, and if you know our history, then you probably know why the name of the band is "Green Day."

Anywho, Tre was not in the band yet until 1990. John Kiffmyer was the drummer before Tre, but left the band to go to collage. Hmm something else I want to say--I have a couple side projects; Pinhead Gunpowder, Adeline Street (before 80 and I have said good-bye), Adeline Records, and another band called The Network, that I go to when I have no Green Day related work to do. But as of the past few years, we've been working our asses off--as in the band/guys--you'll find out why soon, this year.

Some things that I like are... hmm hard to say. Well, I like to have fun, you can sometimes see me online, but not really, I'm great at listening to problems, I like to hang out with Tre and Mike, obviously. We goof around a lot whether it's at a studio/home/etc, anyways you can come to me if you like or if you just wanna chat, and... that's 'bout it. I'm 5'7" not that tall, pretty short if you ask me. Just ask me in a comment or PM if you have more or any questions.

By the way, this isn't the real Billie Joe... Smile



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