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Who are the mods/admins? How do I become a mod/admin/writer/etc.

You can find a complete history of the site, along with a list of the staff in our site information section. A list of moderators is available at the bottom of the message board. Our two Croatian administrators are Dujo and Josipa.

Becoming an Admin..
You don't.

Becoming a Mod..
All moderators have shown their ability to function on the board and help others. When that was noticed they were asked to become moderators. If a position is available and you qualify, chances are you would be notified. If you feel you would make a good moderator you can contact the site administration.

Becoming a Writer..
Anyone is welcome to submit an article. Submiting an article doesn't guarantee that it will be posted on the site. For an article to be featured on GSB it must meet the article submission guidelines.

Becoming a Story Editor..
Stories have been moved to Mibba, as well as the story editors. If you're interested in editing the stories that are featured on GSB, visit Mibba's story editor information thread.
If you have any other questions about things you can do for the site send your questions to admin@geekstinkbreath.net.

What are Blah Blahs?

Blah Blahs are a section of the site designed for less serious conversations. Spam is permitted there and you're allowed to make goofy topics that you wouldn't be able to in other places. BBcode works for formating blah blahs.

What is the tagboard?

The tagboard is a place to chat and socialize with other users and is found on the blah blah page. There is no central topic so you don't have to worry about spamming. BBcode does not work for messages entered on the tagboard.

How can I search for a particular GSB member?

The member list contains the profiles of all members on the site. There is also a search option where you can search for members by their username, gender, and if their profile contains a photo.

How does the stories section on this site work?

GSB has a section of the site that contains hundreds of Green Day related stories. In order for your story to be featured on GSB, you have to make an account on Mibba. Stories aren't actually on GSB anymore, story writers upload and post their stories on Mibba. Once their stories are posted there, if they have "Green Day" as a search tag they will appear on the GSB story section. Stories are no longer updated on GSB and this is the only way to have your story featured on the site.

What are site templates?

Site Templates are special banners and color schemes you can use on the site.The template you choose will appear on almost all pages of the site, including the message board. The only place your template won't show up is when you're in the "My GSB" section of the site. You can choose a site template from the site template page by selecting the "set as my template" option below each banner, you may also preview templates. You can also choose a template from the settings option under message board on My GSB.

How do I get my Green Day icons featured on GSB?

First, you need to make an account on the site Iconastic. From there, you can upload any icons or avatars you make. Any Green Day icons you make will be featured in the Icon and Avatar section of GSB. Your icons will be featured on other sites as well. If you make My Chemical Romance icons they will be featured on ImNotOkay.net. If you make icons of The Living End your icons will be featured on RiotOnBroadway.com.

Does GSB have a chat room?

Yep, Gsb has a chat room. The chat room can be accessed by clicking the chat link on your upper GSB toolbar.

What is spam?

Spam is any pointless, off topic comment that serves no purpose. For example, if you're in a thread about Green Day's new album, and you start talking about what color your shoes are that's spam. Spam is not allowed in message board threads aside from those that are designated for chat. Blogs are also not a place where spam is tolerated. If you spam in places where you aren't allowed to, you may lose access to those sections of the site. Posting chain comments on people profiles is also considered spam, and will result in your account being banned.

How do I know if I should make something a blog or a blah blah?

Blah Blahs can be about anything, they can be about nothing if you wanted them to be. That is your section of the site to spam away in. Blogs however are for serious topics and you need to have a topic that your blog sticks to. If you're confused about if you should make something a blog or a blah blah, the guidelines below may be helpful to you.

  1. Blogs typically need at least 5 lines but the more you write the better.
  2. If the only purpose you have for your entry is to get replies and chat, it should be a blah blah.
  3. If you're making a blog, make sure it fits into a category. An entry that says "lol sup guys" wouldn't fit into any category, and therefore should be a blah blah.
  4. Does your topic hold social or emotional importance? If it does, then it can be a blog.
  5. You can introduce yourself in blogs, but you have to provide information about yourself. If you simply want to tell people you're new to the site, or that you're online make a blah blah.
  6. If your entry is profane then it can't be a blog because profanity is not tolerated in that section.

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