Hip-Hop Culture

Okay, now i'm going to tell you my views on this horribly boring subject.

The Music:
In the eighties and nineties, rap music has a meaning. It was ditching the street and the hard life, trying to make the best of what you had and all that. It was about drugs and it had a deeper meaning to it, which i think is alot more than what the rappers today have to offer.

The rappers nowadays are constantly singing about knocking up women, in fact, in their videos, they refer to women as objects of lust (well, i dont have a problem with that, i have an awfully dirty mind myself), but what i do find tasteless, is the constant nudity...well, near nudity at least. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's views on porn or anything, i'm not narrowminded, i hope not, but its getting out of hand. So ok, shaking your bum and tits in those videos in concidered a dance and it keeps you in shape, ok. But now, the women in those videos wear such skimpy outfits i cant bear to think what it would be like, wearing all that in winter. Ooh, i'd freeze my butt right off if i were in their skin. And its increddibly bad too because now the schoolkids are trying to look like those dancers.

The rappers today arent trying to sing about ditching the drug culture, making something of themselves, getting somewhere. They PROMOTE drug culture. I have nothing against drugs or drug addicts, but its just pointless to write tonnes of songs on drugs when every song has the same message or no message at all.
The message i've found obvious is that "Kids, do drugs. Girls, you are objects of lust so dress like it. Boys, you're supposed to be real gastah so you betta drink loads of weird shit and smoke pot so much you'll have everlasting smoke coming out of every inch of your face."

Well, maybe my views of this are abit cranky, but its my personal opinion.

As for the late 19'th century, early 20'th century blues, jazz, all that, i personaly love the music them afroamericans made, and make. Its wonderful. And rap music itself is a tradition, as is hip hop, so why are they ruining their own culture? They're wasting it away, all the good things, they're trashing it.
Posted on May 2nd, 2007 at 01:53am


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