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I love Green Day...Not bad for a bunch of thirty-something punks (I mean that in the nicest, possible way). And in recent days MCR, esp Gerard Way Frank Iero...Oh and Benjamin Kowalewicz.

Music is the universal language. I like stuff you like, stuff you probrably havent heard of or stuff you despise. That's just how I roll.

If I told you everything about me, you'd be freaked out and you'd run away. But then I'd find you and chase you down like the nasty little animal that you are and I'd tell you everything. I'd tell you so much shit that your eyes would roll back into your head and your ears would shrivel up and fall off. Then I would put you in my pocket so I could keep your forever. And you wouldnt want that now...would you?

These are some special people:

GSB: Jas, Sruti, Annie, Hannah, Kay, Shauna, Kate, Sparky and Dookie.

INO: Deb, HDeep, Caitlin, Shell, Whisky, Cat, Megan, LJ, Tallulah aka Liv <--------- WMSC/ WHEC/ PLOTB Vets

These are people I worship:

GSB: Liz, Michelle aka Moo, Holly, Druscilla,

Mibba: Becka, Sam, Ripley

I have opinions, I have thoughts, I have ideas. Im not afraid to write them down and put shit on blast for all you guys to see. Im not afraid to take the heat because you cant handle what I posted. Im really not afraid to hold my hands up and say I was wrong or that Im sorry. I dont lie and I dont like being lied to. If you post shit and its wrong, Im gonna call you out on it, if I can be bothered. If I care about something, I will go out of my way to defend or explain it. That doesnt make me any better or any worse then you. I just have a big fucking mouth

They gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now...


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