I'm so emo

As most of you have guessed, this blog is about the 'emo' culture. But as most of you are tricked to believe, 'emo' is not a culture, it's not a way of life, it's an emotion. Don't think that emo means bands or people that wear skin tight clothing, black or multi-colored hair with whiney moods half the time and the wish to kill themselves. Emo means emotive hardcore, and it has somehow evolved into thinking that it means 'emotional' and cutting yourself repeatedly. And as obvious and childish as it may seem, it's true. Most of my friends fit into this genre of teen life, 'emo' and they are made fun of continously for it. Many have gotten into fights because of it and even I have gotten close to getting into one defending them and myself. Emo doesn't mean you want to kill yourself and you're sad and stereotypical if you think it does. Learn why there are scars instead of making fun of them and the people that go with them. Sure, not all emos are the same but most of you think they are, no, I disagree strongly.

What makes you make fun of 'emo's' anyway, is it because they actually have the guts to stand up to you? Or maybe because they don't say anything at all and instead are just a victim of predators such as jocks and populars? Difference is what seregation is made of, this is what Martin Luther King Jr. was trying to stop, I have seen emo's denied service at gas stations, thrift stores, and even grocery stores because the cashiers thought they should've been 'punished for their sins.'

Be grown up for once and if no one is bothering you, don't bother them. Self defense is one thing but viciously attacking is another.

Posted on June 4th, 2007 at 03:35pm


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