Netball Grand Final

Yesterday I played netball, but the most important game I've ever played. It was the first time I've ever gotten into the grand final, and I loved the team I was in. Hopefully we'll all play together next year.
We were in a 13-14 B grade, and we're all year 7's. We versed a team of year 8's, from the exact same school as us. We'd played them twice before, defeating them in both games by only one point. So when we knew we were versing them in the grand final, we thought the game was going to be really hard. Well, it was. Not as hard as the other two though. I think they were nervous, or we really put them off somehow ..

The first quarter was probably the hardest, because everyone was ready to go and no one was tired by that point. By the end of it, we were up by one goal. Close game so far.
In the second quarter, they seemed to be getting tired and the game was moving a bit slower. We were up by about 5 points then.
They were pretty much stuffed by the third quarter, so we picked up lots of goals.
The last quarter was when we got the most goals, but only because they pretty much gave up. They basically weren't even trying anymore.
At the end of it all, when the hooter when, everyone in our team had giant smiles on their faces. Because we won, obviously. xD

I think the score was 36-18.
Everyone thought it'd be so much closer, seeing we were both really good teams and our other two games were so close.
This year, we went through every single game undefeated. Even in the carnival.
Oh and, someone brang some oranges along and I ate most of them. ^_^

Even though most of the people I mention aren't going to read this, but thankyou to ..

Robby (coach), Stephanie, Stephanie (yes, there are two), Lauren, Demi, Lucy, Gemma, Tori, Abbey, Makayla, all the teams that gave us a challenge, Liz and Tessie (biggest GSBian supporters) and whoever brang the oranges.

:] Hah, this is a crappy blog.
But anyway, had to tell you all because I'm so happy.

Posted on September 16th, 2007 at 07:52am


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