Is there such a thing as a bassist who plays with a pick?

Some people don't think so.
My own mother believes that EVERYONE who calls themself a bassist should use their fingers, otherwise they're "just a guitar player who wants to be a bassist but won't take the time to learn how to play it right".
I slightly agree...
I mean, bass has traditionally been played with fingers, and guitar has been played with a pick.
But then again, this is a new world. New music is coming out and it just sounds better with a picked bass.
For example, a local punk band called If All Else Fails has a bassist who plays with a pick. Because they play punk, the music tends to be faster and harder. It wouldn't sound right if they used their fingers - It'd be missing a certin 'zing' element.
And now, I'm losing track.
Anyways, what I mean to be saying is that 'bassits' should be able to play with a pick while playing certin music.
Alternative rock - Picks work.
Jazz - Not really.
Get my drift?
Posted on February 14th, 2007 at 04:28pm


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