Goodbye GSB... for a long time.

Hey guys, I just wanted you that care to read this please just so you know. This is off a comment I left on the "you know you're a GSBian when..." group on facebook. Thanks for everything, I'll miss you. xx:

"Yeah ok everyone, well seeing the state of GSB now. I think I might as well leave this group till I decide. I already ~left~ the message board, and I guess nobody has noticed, am i wrong? so yeah that's one of the reasons i will try to erase GSB out of my life, and the other one is that...
ITS DEAD! why the hell go in there and post to yourself on the thinking thread waiting for somebody to reply with a very stupid comment or just ignoring yours.

So yeah everyone, I'm leaving GSB, I don't know if it will be forever or just for some time. Maybe when Green Day release a new album and noobs start swarming it again, I might go back, but til then, goodbye everyone, have fun. Thanks for the memories, good and the bad. I had a lot of fun these past 2 years and a half and I hope that you that stay have fun too. well goodby everyone.

Meski out."
Posted on August 4th, 2008 at 10:22pm


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