Abortion: wrong in my book

I'm not writing this to annoy people, but to educate them about the extremely touchy topic of abortion.
I'm pretty much pro-life. I believe abortions should be done within the first 10 weeks, and that if the baby has already suffered massive brain damage or is deformed, that it's okay to abort it.
Anyone who gets their period knows that when they miss one and that they've had sex recently, something isn't right. So they take a pregnancy test. Anyone who thinks nothing of a missed period needs to take an I.Q. test, no offense.

There are several reasons people are pro-choice, and I intend to take them on.

1. It's my body, I can do what I want with it
Feminists beware. This is the only time the law gives you that right. And if you do it yourself because you don't have the money to pay a doctor? Prison for you.
Think about it: if we can do what we want to our bodies, how come we can't do drugs?
You could say "Drugs destroy families and communities."
But if they were legal and regulated, like they are in the Netherlands, we wouldn't have drug kingpins and that whole can of worms. And one of the worst drugs out there is legal. Alcohol. Now that tears apart families and communities. More people die due to drunk driving than to O.D.'s and drug-fueled fights.

How come were not allowed to kill ourselves if we're in horrible pain? People who are ravaged by diseases such as Huntingson's aren't allowed to ask a hospital to put them out of their misery. One woman watched as her sons fell prey to the disease. When she shot them so they wouldn't have to suffer anymore, the state charged her with murder. Luckily, she wasn't in prison for long.
But we ARE allowed to slowly kill ourselves by smoking cancer-causing cigarettes. How fucked up is that?

How come prostitution is illegal? It's their bodies. Shouldn't they have the right? And a smart prostitute always carries condoms in case her "customer" isn't. The only exception is Nevada. As long as you're in a brothel, it's all right by them. And don't tell me I'm full of shit, because I know all about this; I live in the fucking state.

2. I don't want the hassle of a kid/ not ready yet
If pregnant by consensual sex: why didn't you think of that before you spread your legs, dimwit? Condoms are available to anyone that wants them! As for those of you who aren't pregnant; please...wait until you're completely ready to have sex. It just complicates things. Don't let anyone pressure you, including yourself. You are not missing out on anything. I advocate waiting until marriage. Most guys won't go chasing tail for that long.

If pregnant by rape or incest: girls/women should report it right away. Doctors give them a morning-after pill that causes the body to shed the lining of the uterus, preventing the baby from forming. Extremists consider this abortion, but I don't. When the baby has been there long enough for it's heart to start beating, it's then that doctors have to do an abortion. But a morning-after pill is only given to women who aren't that far along. If you can provide legitimate info that says otherwise, I will read it.
And adoption is an option. Remember Juno? You don't have to kill your baby.

3. To save my life
Name one medical case where you have to abort the baby or you'll die.
There are women who get a medical condition called preeclampsia that can endanger both the baby and the mother. It doesn't occur until the second or third trimester. My sister got it when she became pregnant with my nephew. She had to have an emergency c-section, and Kai was born a month early.
Babies can survive out of the womb (as long as medical assistance is provided) as young as 5 months. So any woman who gets preeclampsia can just have her baby early. Duh.

The law doesn't recognize a fetus as a real baby if the mom wants to kill it while it's in utero.
But if you kill a pregnant woman, suddenly it is a baby. They charge you with a double homicide. That double standard needs to be fixed, wouldn't you say?

I agree with Barack Obama on most things except abortion past the first trimester. But I also disagree with Sarah Palin's stance. She believes abortion shouldn't be an option. PERIOD.
I do, however, applaud her decision to keep a Downs-syndrome baby.

In conclusion, I'm not a religious nut. I am a buddhist, though, and I don't believe in killing anything. You don't have to be religious to know right from wrong.

Murder: the premeditated killing of a human being by another.
Kill: cause the death of a person, animal, or other living thing; to bring an end to the growth of a living thing

Clarification: birth control= abortion. Contraceptive=pills, condoms, etc.
Those were the original meanings, before they were misconstrued and rearranged by society.
Posted on October 6th, 2008 at 10:46pm


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