In My Insanity

In My Insanity
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Hey, I'm Laura. Some might remember my name being Amazingly Poprocks or Snap Crackle Poprocks. Well, not anymore 'cause I got tired of it and I think my new name is much cooler. Anyway... I hve strange dreams, but I can't interpret them. I ply electric guitar, and I love it. I'm trying to get a band together, but it's sort of up in the air right now. I'm not a very patient person, and sometimes I think God just kinda wants to screw my life over. High school sucks, boys suck, my future is probably going to suck. Need I say more? Okay, on a more positive note, (hah, positive yeah right. I can't ever be positive but I'll try)I also like to write and draw. I've written songs and I'mwriting for a web comic too. I love Avenged Sevenfold; they're my favorite band. I also love traveling. I went to Australia and it was the most beautiful place ever. I want to go there again some day. I'm also going to Europe this summer. In short, I'm a a girl trying to find some way to get a break. Get the opprotunity, make a friend, find the right guy... Probably not going to happen, but hey, I can dream I guess; take a break from this nightmare.

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